My intention is to create images that are beautiful or compelling without reference to real objects. I create layered images of opaque and transparent acrylic paints.  My process is similar to jazz improvisation:  each layer is a response to the color, line, rhythm, texture, and shapes of the previous layer.   I may use crayons, charcoal, brushes, rollers, brayers, fingers and stencils to develop the layers. In my current work, I am also exploring the use of mono print techniques , mixed media, and oil paints. 

I left a career as an academic librarian in 2012 to pursue painting full time.  I have studied with a number of Colorado artists including Chris Alvarez, Lance Green, and Karen Roehl, and participated in workshops  led by New Mexico artists Gwen Fox and Virginia Cobb. I recently completed a year long online program with Nancy Hillis. My paintings have been shown in group shows at Cottonwood Center for the Arts, Modbo, The Manitou Art Center, and G44 Gallery in Colorado Springs. In 2017, G44 Gallery and The Machine Shop hosted solo shows, and G44 Gallery  presented  a solo show of my work in early 2019.  Kreuser Gallery in Colorado Springs  will host a show of new work in March, 2020.

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